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With today’s agricultural economy it’s more important than ever to not only understand farming, but also the risks associated with every financial decision you intend to make. We understand the agricultural industry as well as anyone in the area and can assist you in many ways. We go beyond simply financing your purchases. We’re dedicated to building long term relationships with our customers based on trust and guidance. Through our flexible payment plans, we’ll have a structure that will fit your individual needs to allow your farming operation to run for as long as you do. How? We look beyond the present to allow for your long term goals to be met. Whether you’re new to farming, or have been farming your entire life, we will devise a plan to allow for you to be successful. 

  • Serving local farmers since 1902
  • Fast, internal, local decision making made by local, in-house lenders, allowing for next day approval
  • Operating lines set up annually to allow for funds to be transferred for use either automatically or manually depending on individual customer preferences 
Local & knowledgeable
  • Our lenders are all from the area and either still farm or grew up on a farm, allowing for expert advice from personal experience.
Types of loans
  • Real Estate
  • Machinery 
  • Livestock
  • Operating lines of credit
  • Machinery, Livestock, & Grain facilities

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