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A Word from Us


Citizens 1st National Bank is committed to making our bank customers safe and secure. By monitoring the latest health information, we will continue to keep you informed as news of the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. For your peace of mind, here is an outline of our plans:

  1. Customers are encouraged to use online banking services. Whether you use a personal computer, iPad or smart phone, you can access your accounts to pay bills, transfer money, deposit a check and more!  You can also get your statements electronically.
  2. Customers can also use our convenient ATMs, drive-up windows at our downtown location and North office out by Wal-Mart and in person at all three locations including Early.
  3. Employees have been informed on cleanliness and using best hygiene practices. As always, we provide hand sanitizer throughout the bank. We encourage everyone to utilize this resource. 

 If you have any questions, just call the bank at (712) 732-5440.

In 1902, Fred and George Schaller started the Citizens Bank as a private banking business with deposits of $70,000.00. Since that time the bank has remained locally owned and managed by the Schaller family through the currency crisis of 1907, the depression of the 1930's, the agricultural crisis of the 1980's and the financial crisis of 2008. Throughout this history the bank has not wavered from its mission of providing sound, proven financial service to the residents of northwest Iowa. 

Our position as a local community bank is emphasized by the fact that our directors, management, officers and employees are all residents of our trade area. This local focus, coupled with our history of safe banking, is important to our customers. It illustrates we have the ability to deliver sophisticated, sound banking service with the personal touch available only through a truly local organization. 

In addition to our electronic branch, we have physical facilities located in Storm Lake and Early, Iowa. Our main bank is located at the corner of East 5th Street and Lake Avenue in the main Storm Lake business district. Our North Office is located at 1821 North Lake Avenue. Finally, our Sac County branch is located at 100 East 2nd Street, Early, Iowa. 

Now, you have had a chance to learn about Citizens, please be sure to visit us, electronically or in person, and give us the chance to provide you with the best in today's banking service. 

Finally, if you have suggestions or questions please use the Contact Us feature to express your thoughts. 

Thank you for visiting our site.

Harry P. Schaller, President